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Month: September 2011

Popular Music For My Classes

This is some of the music I play for my classes, honed over a while.

Playlist 1:

|Name_____________ |Artist__________|Album_____________|
|Flashback|Kavinsky|1986 Vinyl|
|Testarossa (SebastiAn Remix)|Kavinsky|1986 Vinyl|
|Wayfarer|Kavinsky|1986 Vinyl|
|Dead Cruiser|Kavinsky|1986 Vinyl|
|Grand Canyon|Kavinsky|1986 Vinyl|
|Tacobel Canon|Ratatat|Classics|
|Loud Pipes|Ratatat|Classics|
|Bar Rumba|Mo’ Horizons|Elemental Chill – Volume 4|
|The Crossing|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|It Must Be The Light|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|Irene & The Morrow|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|Second Morrow|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|Not The Only One|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|The Truth|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|Call Me Eugene|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|Impromptu For 12 Fingers|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|I Thought You Wanted To Dance|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|Now That You’re Here|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|The Arrival|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|The Morrow|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|Further And Further|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|Only A Matter Of Time|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|The Departure|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|Up Stairs|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|God’s Hands|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|A Borrowed Ladder|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|Irene’s Theme|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|The Other Side|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|Becoming Jerome|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|The One Moment|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|Yourself For The Day|Soundtrack|Gattaca|
|Mi Viejo|Ratatat|LP3|
|Falcon Jab|Ratatat|LP3|
|Mumtaz Khan|Ratatat|LP3|
|Gipsy Threat|Ratatat|LP3|
|Black Heroes|Ratatat|LP3|
|En Focus (feat. Trinidad)|Quantic|Mishaps Happening|
|Perception|Quantic|Mishaps Happening|
|Sound Of Everything (feat. Ali|Quantic|Mishaps Happening|
|Mishaps Happening|Quantic|Mishaps Happening|
|Furthest Moment|Quantic|Mishaps Happening|
|Trees and Seas|Quantic|Mishaps Happening|
|Use What You Got (feat. Sonny|Quantic|Mishaps Happening|
|Angels and Albatrosses|Quantic|Mishaps Happening|
|Prelude To Happening|Quantic|Mishaps Happening|
|Don’t Joke With A Hungry Man (|Quantic|Mishaps Happening|
|When You’re Through (feat. Spa|Quantic|Mishaps Happening|
|Scavenger|Redial|MOS Mashed 4|
|Toothache Epiphany|nonfinite|Northbridge|
|Seventeen Years|Ratatat|Ratatat|
|El Pico|Ratatat|Ratatat|
|Spanish Armada|Ratatat|Ratatat|
|Breaking Away|Ratatat|Ratatat|
|Desert Eagle|Ratatat|Ratatat|
|Germany To Germany|Ratatat|Ratatat|
|Mr Oizo Autodrive T42|Kavinsky|Teddy Boy EP|
|Testarossa Nightdrive|Kavinsky|Teddy Boy EP|
|Transistor|Kavinsky|Teddy Boy EP|
|The Crash|Kavinsky|Teddy Boy EP|
|Arpanet Nightdrive (rework)|Kavinsky|Teddy Boy EP|
|Testarossa Autodrive|Kavinsky|Teddy Boy EP|
|Ghost Transistor|Kavinsky|Teddy Boy EP|
|The Grand Staircase|Port Blue|The Airship|
|In the Control Car|Port Blue|The Airship|
|Into the Gymnasium|Port Blue|The Airship|
|The Axial Catwalk|Port Blue|The Airship|
|Of the Airship Academy|Port Blue|The Airship|
|Up Ship!|Port Blue|The Airship|
|Sunset Cruiser|Port Blue|The Airship|
|Over Atlantic City|Port Blue|The Airship|
|The Gentle Descent|Port Blue|The Airship|
|Under the Glass Observation Dome|Port Blue|The Airship|
|An Enchanted Evening|Port Blue|The Albatross EP|
|City of Safe Harbors|Port Blue|The Albatross EP|
|Silver Blueberry|Port Blue|The Albatross EP|
|Of Japan|Port Blue|The Albatross EP|
|The Power Is On|The Go! Team|Thunder, Lightning, Strike|
|Friendship Update|The Go! Team|Thunder, Lightning, Strike|
|Junior Kickstart|The Go! Team|Thunder, Lightning, Strike|
|Huddle Formation|The Go! Team|Thunder, Lightning, Strike|
|Ladyflash|The Go! Team|Thunder, Lightning, Strike|
|Everyone’s a V.I.P. to Someone|The Go! Team|Thunder, Lightning, Strike|
|Panther Dash|The Go! Team|Thunder, Lightning, Strike|
|Get It Together|The Go! Team|Thunder, Lightning, Strike|
|Feel good by Numbers|The Go! Team|Thunder, Lightning, Strike|
|What Else Is There|NULL|Royksopp|

Playlist 2:

|It Was …|Lemon Jelly|’64-’95|
|’88 aka Come Down On Me|Lemon Jelly|’64-’95|
|’68 aka Only Time|Lemon Jelly|’64-’95|
|’93 aka Don’t Stop Now|Lemon Jelly|’64-’95|
|’95 aka Make Things Right|Lemon Jelly|’64-’95|
|’79 aka The Shouty Track|Lemon Jelly|’64-’95|
|’75 aka Stay With You|Lemon Jelly|’64-’95|
|’76 aka The Slow Train|Lemon Jelly|’64-’95|
|’90 aka A Man Like Me|Lemon Jelly|’64-’95|
|’64 aka Go|Lemon Jelly|’64-’95|
|One|Ratatat|9 Beats|
|Two|Ratatat|9 Beats|
|Three|Ratatat|9 Beats|
|Four|Ratatat|9 Beats|
|Five|Ratatat|9 Beats|
|Six|Ratatat|9 Beats|
|Seven|Ratatat|9 Beats|
|Eight|Ratatat|9 Beats|
|Nine|Ratatat|9 Beats|
|The Birth and Death of the Day|Explosions in the Sky|All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone|
|Welcome, Ghosts|Explosions in the Sky|All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone|
|It’s Natural to Be Afraid|Explosions in the Sky|All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone|
|What Do You Go Home To?|Explosions in the Sky|All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone|
|Catastrophe and the Cure|Explosions in the Sky|All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone|
|So Long, Lonesome|Explosions in the Sky|All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone|
|Sleep Deprivation|Simian Mobile Disco|Attack Decay Sustain Release|
|Fourteen drawings|Helios|Caesura|
|A mountain of ice|Helios|Caesura|
|One|Aimee Mann|Cinematic Treatment|
|Loud Pipes|Ratatat|Classics|
|Tacobel Canon|Ratatat|Classics|
|Tank !|Cowboy Bebop|Cowboy Bebop OST|
|Something|The Willowz|Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind|
|Yo Pumpkin Head|Cowboy Bebop|Future Blues|
|Central Plains|Carbon Based Lifeforms|Hydroponic Garden|
|Tensor|Carbon Based Lifeforms|Hydroponic Garden|
|MOS 6581 (Album Version)|Carbon Based Lifeforms|Hydroponic Garden|
|Silent Running|Carbon Based Lifeforms|Hydroponic Garden|
|Neurotransmitter|Carbon Based Lifeforms|Hydroponic Garden|
|Hydrophonic Garden|Carbon Based Lifeforms|Hydroponic Garden|
|Exosphere|Carbon Based Lifeforms|Hydroponic Garden|
|Comsat|Carbon Based Lifeforms|Hydroponic Garden|
|Epicentre (First Movement)|Carbon Based Lifeforms|Hydroponic Garden|
|Artificial Island|Carbon Based Lifeforms|Hydroponic Garden|
|Refraction 1.33|Carbon Based Lifeforms|Hydroponic Garden|
|The Pulse|Digitalism|Idealism|
|The Bachelors Remix|RJD2|In Rare Form|
|Big Game|RJD2|In Rare Form|
|Explosive|RJD2|In Rare Form|
|Fuck A Soundcheck|RJD2|In Rare Form|
|Incorporate Anthem|RJD2|In Rare Form|
|Inhale Remix|RJD2|In Rare Form|
|Kill ’em All Remix|RJD2|In Rare Form|
|Mic Control|RJD2|In Rare Form|
|One Day|RJD2|In Rare Form|
|Rocket Science|RJD2|In Rare Form|
|Saliva|RJD2|In Rare Form|
|Seven Light Years|RJD2|In Rare Form|
|The Takeoff|RJD2|In Rare Form|
|Under the Hammer|RJD2|In Rare Form|
|Unlimited|RJD2|In Rare Form|
|Up to No Good Again|RJD2|In Rare Form|
|Uprock|RJD2|In Rare Form|
|Weatherpeople|RJD2|In Rare Form|
|Nervous Tension|Lemon Jelly|Lemonjelly.KY|
|A Tune For Jack|Lemon Jelly|Lemonjelly.KY|
|His Majesty King Raam|Lemon Jelly|Lemonjelly.KY|
|The Staunton Lick|Lemon Jelly|Lemonjelly.KY|
|Homage To Patagonia|Lemon Jelly|Lemonjelly.KY|
|Kneel Before Your God|Lemon Jelly|Lemonjelly.KY|
|Page One|Lemon Jelly|Lemonjelly.KY|
|Come|Lemon Jelly|Lemonjelly.KY|
|Elements|Lemon Jelly|Lost Horizons|
|Space Walk|Lemon Jelly|Lost Horizons|
|Ramblin’ Man|Lemon Jelly|Lost Horizons|
|Return to Patagonia|Lemon Jelly|Lost Horizons|
|Nice Weather for Ducks|Lemon Jelly|Lost Horizons|
|Experiment Number Six|Lemon Jelly|Lost Horizons|
|Closer|Lemon Jelly|Lost Horizons|
|The Curse of Ka’zar|Lemon Jelly|Lost Horizons|
|So Easy|Rv?yksopp|Melody A.M.|
|Eple|Rv?yksopp|Melody A.M.|
|Sparks|Rv?yksopp|Melody A.M.|
|In Space|Rv?yksopp|Melody A.M.|
|Poor Leno|Rv?yksopp|Melody A.M.|
|A Higher Place|Rv?yksopp|Melody A.M.|
|Rv?yksopp’s Night Out|Rv?yksopp|Melody A.M.|
|Remind Me|Rv?yksopp|Melody A.M.|
|She’s So|Rv?yksopp|Melody A.M.|
|40 Years BackCome|Rv?yksopp|Melody A.M.|
|Remind Me|Rv?yksopp|Melody AM|
|Femme d’Argent|Air|Moon Safari|
|Zdarlight (Voyage Mix)|Digitalism|My House Is Your House, Vol. 1 Disc 1|
|First Breath After Coma|Explosions in the Sky|The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place|
|The Only Moment We Were Alone|Explosions in the Sky|The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place|
|Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean|Explosions in the Sky|The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place|
|Memorial|Explosions in the Sky|The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place|
|Your Hand in Mine|Explosions in the Sky|The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place|
|Intro|Carbon Based Lifeforms|The Path|
|Behind the corner|Carbon Based Lifeforms|The Path|
|Rain|Carbon Based Lifeforms|The Path|
|Rise to tomorrow|Carbon Based Lifeforms|The Path|
|Hold|Carbon Based Lifeforms|The Path|
|Machinery|Carbon Based Lifeforms|The Path|
|And contact|Carbon Based Lifeforms|The Path|
|Sinful things|Carbon Based Lifeforms|The Path|
|Dreamshore forest|Carbon Based Lifeforms|The Path|
|Submerged|Carbon Based Lifeforms|The Path|
|Contaminated area|Carbon Based Lifeforms|The Path|
|Last breath|Carbon Based Lifeforms|The Path|
|Station blue|Carbon Based Lifeforms|The Path|
|Or plan B|Carbon Based Lifeforms|The Path|
|Eple (Black Strobe Remix)|Royksopp|The Remix Album|
|Remind Me (James Zabiela Eighties Ingeborg Mix)|Royksopp|The Remix Album|
|Poor Leno (Silicon Souls Dub Remix)|Royksopp|The Remix Album|
|49 Percent (Angello & Ingrosso Remix)|Royksopp|The Remix Album|
|What Else Is There (Vitalic Remix)|Royksopp|The Remix Album|
|Sparks (Murk Downtown Miami Remix)|Royksopp|The Remix Album|
|So Easy (So B.H.Q. Remix By Derrick Carter)|Royksopp|The Remix Album|
|Remind Me (Someone Else’s Radio Remix)|Royksopp|The Remix Album|
|Only This Moment (Alan Braxe And Fred Falke Remix)|Royksopp|The Remix Album|
|49 Percent (Mandy Remix)|Royksopp|The Remix Album|
|Eple (Fatboy Slim Mix)|Royksopp|The Remix Album|
|Poor Leno (Sander Kleinenberg Mix)|Royksopp|The Remix Album|
|Remind Me (Ernest Saint Laurent Moonfish Mix)|Royksopp|The Remix Album|
|What Else Is There (Jacques Lu Cont Radio Mix)|Royksopp|The Remix Album|
|What Else Is There (Thin White Duke Mix)|Royksopp|The Remix Album|
|Beautiful Day Without You (Rex The Dog Remix)|Royksopp|The Remix Album|
|Day One|Explosions in the Sky|The Rescue|
|Day Two|Explosions in the Sky|The Rescue|
|Day Three|Explosions in the Sky|The Rescue|
|Day Four|Explosions in the Sky|The Rescue|
|Day Five|Explosions In the Sky|The Rescue|
|Day Six|Explosions In the Sky|The Rescue|
|Day Seven|Explosions In the Sky|The Rescue|
|Day Eight|Explosions In the Sky|The Rescue|
|Abiogenesis|Carbon Based Lifeforms|World of Sleepers|
|Vortex|Carbon Based Lifeforms|World of Sleepers|
|Autumn in Ganymede|NULL|Cowboy Bebop|
|Blues Sax|NULL|Cowboy Bebop|
|Go Go Cactus Man (Whistling Song)|NULL|Cowboy Bebop|
|Tank! (Luke Vibert Remix)|NULL|Cowboy Bebop|