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Month: June 2022

Fixing – Error: “PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

I was trying to connect PyCharm a SQL Server data source with Windows Authentication and noticed there was a dearth of resources on this issue.

I saw many posts about messing with your certificate store, but with my local server I don’t give a crap enough to secure it like that; if you are connecting to real servers where that matters with your client you may want to avoid these steps.

From my existing DBA/connection string experience I knew a security issue is almost always related to the certificates/encryption settings on the connection.

I tooled around the SSL/TLS settings and found nothing that changed any behavior – clearly the standard “uncheck encryption” trick isn’t managed through these checkboxes.



After an inexorable period I noticed the Driver: section, and of course the MSSQL driver settings are available directly.

picking advanced/driver settings




Click the Advanced tab to get to the good stuff.clicking the advanced tab in the driver settings





I updated integratedSecurity to true and encrypt to false. changing pycharm driver settings



After that I had no more issues connecting to a local server.connected window