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Contributing to the SQL Server Data Partners Podcast

Last updated on August 28, 2017

Just wanted to mention a great podcast that some of the dbatools team and I were lucky enough to be invited to attend, the SQL Server Data Partners Podcast

You can listen to the specific episode below: SQL Server Data Partners Podcast – dbatools (Episode 91)

If you haven’t checked the podcast out before, it features two SQL Server professionals Carlos Chacon and Steve Stedman, who do a great job of keeping the conversation light-hearted and momentum moving during some of the more in depth technical conversations. I really enjoy their interview style and I highly recommend checking them out.

Different episodes range widely on the podcast and cover topics such as career advice and experiences, code best practices, and personal interviews from some of the titans of the SQL Server community.

The focus of this episode was dbatools; topics ranged from how the project started and gained acceptance, bringing in new people and maintaining interest in the project, and getting a little deeper into why dbatools mattered to us.

It was really fun to be invited and I was happy to be able to chip in about learning and growing as one of the more junior PowerShellers of the team.

Chrissy and I had such a fun time we are working towards releasing our own dbatools oriented “people talking on the internet type thing” soon!

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