Generating Tables of Contents for Github Projects with PowerShell

Table Of Contents Initial Idea Clarifying Our Requirements The Code Special Thanks   Initial Idea Let”s generate a table of contents for a Github flavored Markdown document in PowerShell (because nobody else seems to have.)   Clarifying Our Requirements After talking with Claudio, he didn”t just want a TOC for a particular markdown file (though […]

Learning PowerShell as a DBA: Debugging PowerShell – It’s easier than you think

I was going to dive into a little less meaty topics to start my PowerShell series but I have had a couple requests for debugging pop up, and so that’s where our journey begins. It’s a little backwards, but I hope you learn a bit about Set-PsBreakpoint and how to ask the shell a few […]

Learning PowerShell as a DBA: First Steps and A Bit Of History

I am going to kick off a series of blog posts that I hope will help you understand the usefulness and power of PowerShell (or at least come away with some tips and tricks.) Before I start showing off keyboard shortcuts or breaking down some of the peculiarities you may need to understand to get […]

Contributing to the SQL Server Data Partners Podcast

Just wanted to mention a great podcast that some of the dbatools team and I were lucky enough to be invited to attend, the SQL Server Data Partners Podcast You can listen to the specific episode below: SQL Server Data Partners Podcast – dbatools (Episode 91) If you haven’t checked the podcast out before, it […]

You committed files to the wrong branch (master), and now you want to apply your changes to the right one (development)

I wanted to share a scenario and solution for a problem I am seeing arise in the dbatools project: Commits are registered against the “wrong” branch A pull request is submitted The file comparison shows hundreds of changes instead of 1-2 There are many ways this can happen, but usually due to forgetting to create […]

Troubleshooting PowerShell and .NET: When error messages are not enough.

Recently we had a report in the dbatools project: there was an issue installing from the PowerShell Gallery (via Install-Module.) Error “Invalid characters in path.” We had a few scattered notifications of the issue and even one of the dbatools developers affected internally, but it proved to be a stubborn bug and the people involved […]

TIL – Trello(JSON) and PowerShell – Summarizing public boards

Had a need to look into a Trello board’s activity and thought I would blog the first of some “recipes” I am coming up with.

To start it off, I wrote some trivial functions to format Trello URLs (as they appear today) to return the JSON representation of the board, and return some basic information about the activity that recently occurred.

T-SQL Tuesday 85: Managing database snapshots with dbatools

For my second TSQL Tuesday post, I wanted to introduce a nifty feature in the dbatools lineup called Restore-SQLBackupFromDirectory, which used Ola Hallengren’s scripts as a baseline to restore a server from a backup folder, however during writing this I came across a newer command that Stuart Moore engineered (Restore-DBABackup) which made it entirely redundant, […]