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T-SQL Tuesday 85: Managing database snapshots with dbatools

For my second TSQL Tuesday post, I wanted to introduce a nifty feature in the dbatools lineup called Restore-SQLBackupFromDirectory, which used Ola Hallengren’s scripts as a baseline to restore a server from a backup folder, however during writing this I… Continue Reading →

TIL – Nov 25 2016, xp_dirtree appends null bytes to filenames in SQL 2000

TL;DR: In SQL 2000 the undocumented stored procedure xp_dirtree returns a null byte at the end the filenames it enumerates; this null byte can will likely cause issues if you don’t strip it when consuming it with .NET tools.

T-SQL Tuesday 84: Exploring DBA Tools or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love PowerShell

@sqlbek (Andy Yun) posted a challenge for T-SQL Tuesday 84, and encouraged people thinking about becoming a speaker to write about their experience giving their first talk, a topic they wanted to present on in the future, or even on starting the road to creating their blog and establishing themselves in the SQL space.

I wanted to flesh out an idea I have had for a first talk, which is about my experience with and introducing a production DBA to the value of PowerShell.

TIL – October 22 2016

Notes on automatic variables in Powershell.

TIL – July 7 2016

I am starting a new mini-series called “Today I Learned” to start blogging a bit more about simpler topics, not so much about things that will definitely help you as much as things that helped me (and I will probably forget about in 3 months.)

Today’s topic is about how to get VS Code working with PowerShell 2.0.

Using to create Flame Graphs for SQL Server Profiler, Extended Events, and more

A friend of mine was recently discussing using Flame Graphs in a project of his, and it inspired me to see how I could abuse the format to present a visual model of SQL execution. Originally I had thought of… Continue Reading →

Data analysis on a list of active domain names

A friend of mine had an idea for a project based on new and upcoming domain names and wanted some help transforming the Zone files into something a little more intelligible. While we wait for confirmation, I used an existing… Continue Reading →

Script for non-production restores

This is some code came together as a result of straightforward requirements; a team needed to spend a significant amount of time doing manual restores, and were tired of the GUI nonsense from SSMS. But also wanted some basic flexibility… Continue Reading →

@mobileck Are there any certs or books you’d recommend to aide in my quest to become a DBA?

It depends on if you are more of a production, developer, or devops DBA, but I would definitely read everything below: Guide for the accidental DBA Brent Ozar ULTD 6 month training plan SQL Server Query Performance Tuning Aaron… Continue Reading →

Dirty tricks in SSRS authentication

Configuring SSRS authentication to IIS can be a pain, here are some things I have done in a pinch, and almost all of them are terrible, but if you repeatedly get a 401 unauthorized with SSRS, these might be able… Continue Reading →

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